Wandering Soul Collection

A magic, secret place, where we can have a sweet escape; this is all that we need. Somewhere that we can travel with our mind or literally a place that brings peace in our soul. This is what this collection is about. Our Sweet Escape.

Inspired by

Every small thing that makes us smile, that gives us joy… Smells, tastes, colors, a person, memories, our favorite place, sunsets and sunrises, our favorite piece of clothing, air in our hair, sand in our feet..whatever can make us escape somewhere magical, somewhere that we really feel special, where we feel in our best, truly ourselves. There is our Sweet Escape.

Make a Sweet Escape

And this is the inspiration for Spring-Summer collection ’22. Let’s discover together a collection that will make us travel to a wonderful, secret place for unforgettable moments, for a summer that deserves to be remembered.
Join us in our Sweet Escape…


Dare to dream of a better tomorrow for you and for the world.
Be the change you want to see in this world.
Never stop believing.
Never stop trying.
Be a dreamer.