Is what it is made from the soul. Three soulmates created a Greek brand in which everything is made with a lot of love and passion in what we do and in the way we want each one of you to look like. Everything is hand-made. We choose the fabrics, the prints, we design the outfits and we bring them into life. From the first step till the final result.
Our belief is that an outfit is like a perfume. In a different personality it smells different, it feels different, it looks different. We create an outfit, you put your personality, your soul and it becomes unique. Don’t be afraid to be different, because each one of us is unique.
Our collections are limited, for people who want to distinguish themselves. Our outfits embrace the souls, get united with each personality they touch and then they tell a completely different story. We are here to listen to your story. Would you like to share?


Karaiskaki 13, Nea Chalkidona, 14343, Attiki


(+30) 211 4163 951


Do not follow trends. Do not follow fashion. Make fashion. Put some soul and passion in every outfit you wear and the result will be incredible. Trends and fashion will change but what you truly are, will remain forever.
Embrace your inner side and your outer side will always shine!
Discover the real you and express your personality through your outfits!
Do not follow. Be the leader. Be unique. Be one of a kind.