Stardust Collection

Stardust FW ’23-’24
We are all made of stars. And as stars we might seem small but we are strong and bright, powerful and charming, we are unique. And all together we create the universe.

Inspired by

This is the inspiration for this collection. All pieces of clothing from this collection have names of constellations, constellations of small independent stars that together with others they create a magnificent result.

Create stardust

All together we can create something beautiful and instead of storms and catastrophes, we can use our energy to create stardust, to bring light and magic in our souls. Love and kindness is all we need.


When you will look upon the stars just make a wish and put all your efforts, all your strength to make it happen. Magic is all around us. Magic lays within our souls. Magic is you and me. Let’s become the miracle. Let’s sprinkle some stardust.