Our first collection

Our first collection is inspired by nature’s blossom, crystal blue waters, cobblestone alleys full of flowers and island hopping lifestyle, in our magnificent country, Greece, and its incredibly stunning islands. What else it could be for our very first spring-summer collection? Whatever touches our souls and fills our senses.

Inspired by

Lovely sunsets and invincible dawns, the shades of the colors at the sky, plants and trees giving fruits, flowers blooming, amazing smells in the air, all our senses on alert. All these sensations are our inspiration, all these feelings that are created inside of us and need a way to be expressed.

Express your Sensations

Express your sensations, express your soul with our outfits, every single day of your life. Don’t wait for the special occasion for celebration. Celebrate now for whatever has passed, for whatever the future might bring, for the fact that you are here, now, for the fact that you keep on going. Express your feelings and do it with style. Put your signature, leave your footprints. You are unique and perfect. Your style should be exactly like this.


Our collections create an atmosphere, the ambience in which each one of you should express its own personality. Use pieces of our collection, get inspired from our suggestions but never forget to put your soul in the final result. This is soulmad3.