NAIADS FW '22-'23

Naiads Collection

Naiads, in Greek mythology, are a kind of female spirit or nymph. And the word “naiades” derives from nama, running water.

Inspired by

Our new collection for fall-winter ’22-’23 is inspired by naiads and by women who are like nymphs of flowing water-impressive, unique, feminine, ethereal.
Naiads collection radiates femininity, dynamism and timelessness. It is dedicated to women, who know who they want to become and chase their goals and desires.

Naiads Spirit

Fashion and personal style are a way to express who you are, without having to talk. Clothing is often an expression of spirit and character. Everyone is an individual and clothes can express the innermost thoughts and feelings. Discover the way you want to express what is inside you, to express your soul.
Fall for fashion. Fashion for fall.
Naiads collection is here.. Enjoy the journey..


Dare to dream of a better tomorrow for you and for the world.
Be the change you want to see in this world.
Never stop believing.
Never stop trying.
Be a dreamer.