Daydreaming Collection

This collection is dedicated to all those who dare to dream, to all those who dream of a better tomorrow and do their best to make it happen.

Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter. It is the period when daylight becomes shorter and temperature gets cooler. Colors get darker and nature transforms in a magical, sensual, mysterious way. It is time for decisions and new beginnings, for setting goals and putting your soul, giving your best to achieve them. It is the time when we turn more to our inner side; time for renewal. Winter is the perfect time to appreciate everything that we have, to come closer, to feel cozy, to discover something more about ourselves, about what we truly are.

Inspired by

Daydreaming collection is inspired by those chilly mornings, when the wind is blowing and the leaves of the trees are dancing in the air. By the walks in the forests, close to nature, where colors are playing with the lights of sunsets. By this magic that is happening when you feel inside of you the wind of change. The transformation of nature that makes you feel that it is also time for an inner transformation.

Express your Daydreaming

Soulmad3 is not only about how you look but mostly about how you truly are and how you want to become. Discover the real you. Bring out the best of who you are. Express it in your attitude, your unique style, your outfits, your personality. Treat your soul in the way it should be treated, as one of a kind.


Dare to dream of a better tomorrow for you and for the world.
Be the change you want to see in this world.
Never stop believing.
Never stop trying.
Be a dreamer.